As you may recall, at our annual meeting on January 26, 2020, the congregation voted to try a new governance model for one year. For the last year we’ve operated with a seven member board of directors, a five member finance committee and a three member personal committee. 

In addition, we’ve used ministry teams to carry out the mission of our church. 

Before our January 31, 2021, annual meeting we need to decide whether to continue this trial form of governance for another year. This will help us plan for the nomination of church officers, budget preparations and more.

We believe we need this year to fully develop our governance model including drafting bylaws.

To help facilitate the discussion on November 17, the board proposes the following (continuing) structure and terms of service. Most of our current board and committee want to continue to serve but we do have some spots fill. 


Seven member board (pastor is ex-officio member):




Four members at large


Finance Committee:

Treasurer and four members at large


Personnel Committee:

Three members at large


Nominating committee:

Two members at large and pastor