The Central Pacific Conference United Church of Christ is joining organizations all over the state to help provide relief to the 10% of Oregon residents who have thus far been displaced by the devastating wildfires. If you'd like to join the effort to provide assistance, here are some ways to help...

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon is coordinating the effort to connect those who can offer emergency housing with those who are in need. If you have space available to house evacuees in your home, please contact Rev. Yael:  Please note that EMO will be publishing all the housing information on a rolling basis on the EMO Facebook page, and providing it to partner organizations like Providence Health & Services and the Oregon Health Authority, as requested. If you do not wish your address and contact information to be listed publicly, this will not be the right avenue for you to contribute.

The Central Pacific Conference is coordinating the distribution of donations from church members in our area, as well as accessing funds from the UCC Disaster Ministries. If you'd like to contribute, you can do so by donating to the Conference and using the comment box to mark your donation for the wildfires.


According to TJ Putnam, the director of Family Promise (formerly the Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network):

“The ‘three Rs’ typically come up whenever there is a disaster – Relief, Recovery and Rebuild.  Thankfully the Fairgrounds and a lot of congregations  have opened their doors to help with the relief portion. Once the smoke clears, our community will move away from the emergency relief response. Hotels are full and The Red Cross typically provides motel assistance for a day or two.  Insurance and FEMA should have funding available to assist with some of the recovery, but it will be more precarious for renters and other low-income neighbors.  That’s where we will need to jump to help renters/low-income people access additional funding to keep disaster victims out of homelessness. Right now it seems like there is a big concentration on the RELIEF efforts, but I know we could use donations to help out. We’re currently doing some shelter and providing supplies to keep people safe during this.  There is going to be a bit of work stabilizing people once the emergency support/relief goes away.”

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