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Our members are an extended family joining together in worship, education, social action, and cultural activities.

Beloved, this week, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany: the day on which we remember the Wise Ones who set out to travel far from home, following a star all the way to Bethlehem. As this new year begins, I can’t help but think of all the ways in which we ourselves have traveled far from home this year; far from the familiar routines and habits that have comforted us in seasons past. Like those travelers of old, we too are making our way through an unfamiliar landscape. Like those wise ones, we too are giving thanks for the steadfast companions who are journeying with us, even if we see one another only on video calls! Like those wise ones, we too must trust that God goes with us, step by step. And so I offer you this poem [below] for the season of Epiphany, written by Kate Compston.   As you begin your journey into this new year, may you receive the gift of wise companions. And may you know the Presence of the One who travels with you...all the seasons of your life.


Rev. Yael Lachman

Sunday, January 31st @ 11:00 am
Annual Meeting of the Congregation

Image by Mara Ket

Once, I was secure

in familiar territory

in my sense of belonging

unquestioning of 

the norms of my culture

the assumptions built into my language

the values shared by my society.

But now you have called me out and away from home

and I do not know where you are leading.

I am empty, unsure, uncomfortable.

I have only a beckoning star to follow.

Journeying God,

pitch your tent with mine

so that I may not become deterred

by hardship, strangeness, doubt.

Show me the movement I must make…

Image by Isabella and Louisa Fischer

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