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Protective Face Mask

COVID-19 Protocols

Because we are called to love our neighbors, we follow safety practices supported by scientific evidence.

For Any In-Person Gatherings on Campus


We encourage everyone who is able to get fully vaccinated and boosted.   

Due to the increase in the BA-5 variant, we are requiring masks again for any in-person gathering.  We are also suspending fellowship activities.  We hope to resume optional masking and fellowship in September depending upon where the regional case count is and barring the emergence of a new variant that is more dangerous. 


When gathering we may:

  • Ask you to sign in so we can make sure we know who is with us on campus,

  • Ask you to wear your mask properly throughout the gathering,

  • Ask you to wear as mask while singing and in a less robust way,

  • Ask you to refrain from sharing food or beverages at your gathering. 

Hand Sanitation

We have hand sanitizer throughout the building and encourage you to use it.  Thanks!

Image by Maxime

We have masks available throughout the building and while it is not required, you are encouraged to wear one when you are in the building, particularly if you are not feeling well. Thanks!

For Any Small Group or Solo Campus Visit

While we are no longer asking people who enter the building to sign in, it is helpful If we have your phone number or email so we can contact you if necessary.  We ask that the same protocols are practiced if you are meeting in a small group other than a family group/pod.

If you have any questions about these protocols, please call the office.